Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Heart Them

Ok. Today, my poor students were feeling very much like I was yesterday. I think I had 3 or 4 students cry and I didn't even give them anything to cry about! When I came back from PD this morning it was time for chess. My students were very excited about it, but I could tell that everyone was a bit stressed. I could hear an undercurrent of bickering in the room and some of the kids had taken to yelling at their partners. Oy.

Sooooo...we made it through chess (thank God) and went to lunch. I made it through lunch (thank God...seriously) and went out for recess where another one of my students was crying. Lordy Lordy. So, after recess we had community time. It was much needed. I told my kids to just start telling me all of the feelings that they had had this week. They said things like sad, angry/mad, jealous, stressed, nervous, happy, tired...etc. I asked them to give reasons they felt that way and more than half of them said that they were sick of having guest teachers. I feel their pain. Today marked their third guest teacher in four days. Poor babies.

It was very sad and sobering to hear them talk about their feelings. One little girl said that she was sad because she missed her dad because he doesn't live at home anymore. As she is saying this and getting even sadder, the little Hispanic boy beside her leans over, rubs her shoulder gently and says, "That's hard. My dad doesn't live at home either. I'm sorry." OMG! What a great, gentle and loving bunch of students I have. We have put a few more bricks into the foundation of our community today.

I heart them.

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