Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I Love Wednesday 1.30.13

What a week.
I am so tired that it feels like it should be Friday.
I started the day with a long, work-filled meeting with my team.
We are fantabulous workers and get TONS done but it always sucks the energy right out of me.

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Here's what I'm loving this week:

I'm loving that one of my nuggets will randomly wink at me when she answers questions.
"Hey, A!  Great job answering that question in a complete sentence!"
"Thanks, Mrs. Bodnar!" *wink*
Makes me giggle every time.

I'm loving that I haven't had to free my car from an ice coccoon or a snow drift the last few day.
However, I'm NOT loving that it's been raining like crazy.
We have had inside recess for 6 out of 7 school days because of rain this week and crazy snow and freezing temperatures last week.
We are all a bit stir-crazy.
This song has helped us get the wiggles out.

I'm loving that I have such amazing help in my classroom.
I was able to go to my meeting today and know that Mrs. Miller had it under control.
She is a god-send.
I wouldn't get half of the stuff that I need to do done without her.

I'm loving that I haven't cheated on my diet in three days!
That may not seem like much but I am NOTORIOUS for not sticking with it.
Junk food and I have torrid love affairs.
When I went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday a little girl asked if I wanted to buy Girl Scout cookies and I said that I couldn't because I was allergic...they make me chubby.
Her mom just about fell off her chair laughing.
(I've lost 3 1/2 pounds in 3 go 17 Day Diet!)

I'm loving this idea from Pinterest:
You put Skittles on their papers on the spots where they used correct punctuation while they are out (ie lunch or special).  I think my kids would really dig this.
Check out the blog here.

What are you loving on this weirdly warm Wednesday?


Mrs. B

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Teacher Funny

So, every so often my whole school (staff) gets together for an evening of professional development.
It's very draining since we release kids at 3:00, start at 3:30 and end at 6:00.
Last week, we started our session with this HILARIOUS video spoofing someone teaching math in the classroom.
It's hilarious because it's true.
There are some instances when you are teaching and the child just. doesn't. get. it.
You try and try but it's not going to happen at that time.

I hope you enjoy this teacher funny.


Mrs. B

Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Update

I had a great weekend.
Handsome Husband and I hit up spinning/trivia on Friday night to get our weekend started on the right foot.
Saturday morning I met my friend Laura at our local Farmer's Market for some coffee and browsing.
We sniffed some awesome products.

I saw this old-school shaving cream brush similar to the one my dad used to use.
Ah, memories.

I scored this ADORABLE English pitcher for $5.00.

So cute.

I whipped up some chocolate chip cookies for trivia on Saturday night.

We didn't cheat, therefore we didn't do as well as we had hoped...but we were honest!

We had A LOT of leftovers.  They came to church with me Sunday and made some people very happy!

I got all of my daily objectives done for this week way ahead of schedule.  It feels goooooodddd.

I found this little nugget on one of my students' tests.  I lol'd. 

I hope you all had a great weekend, too!
Did you score any deals or have a funny moment?
Tell me about it!

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Mrs. B

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Social (1.27.13)

I can't believe that (almost) 4 weeks of 2013 have already gone by.
I was distracted last Sunday and didn't get my post done.
I'm ok with that...I was living life. :)
Here's my roundup for this week:

This Week's Questions
1.  What is your ideal way to relax?
My ideal way to relax is hanging with Handsome Husband, crocheting, or reading.

2.  Where is your favorite place to be?
My favorite place to be is right where I am.  I LOVE my home.  It took a long time (like, for serious, almost a year after the wedding) for me to feel like this house was OURS and not HIS.  HH has lived in this house for 10 years and it was a major bachelor pad.  He is VERY SLOWLY adjusting to having pretties around the house and towels that are for show and not for wiping.
My favorite room in the house is the sunporch.  It's a pretty shade of green and super comfortable.

3.  Who do you consider your biggest role model.
I have two.  My parents are seriously the bomb.  They are far from perfect (sorry ma and pops) but they have set an amazing example for me in everything from problem solving to living a life focused on God to their loving marriage.
Ma and Pops, you have prepared me for a great, big world...Thanks!

4.  What will your life look like in 3 years?
In three years I hope to be a mom, still teaching my heart out, loving on Handsome Husband each and every day (even when it's hard) and maybe a bit skinnier. :)

5.  If you could go back and change one decision, what would it be?
I wouldn't change anything.  Even the most negative experiences have brought me closer to the person I am meant to be.  Everything is a learning experience.
(I rock my growth mindset with style.  If you're wondering about that, check out this book.)

6.  What is your biggest accomplishment in life thus far?
Becoming a teacher.  I love getting to mold little minds and characters everyday.  My nuggets rock.  Plus, where else would you find answers like this on a test?

Next Week's Questions:
1.  If you were stuck on an island, what two items would you want to have?
2.  What are two TV shows you'd watch over and over?
3.  If your house was on fire what two things aside from family, pets, etc would you grab?
4.  What are your two most favorite articles of clothing?
  5.  What two movies you saw in the past year would you recommend to us?
6.  What are your two biggest guilty pleasures?

Thanks for reading!

Have a fantastical week.


Mrs. B

Friday, January 25, 2013

High Five for (Week in Review) Friday

So, I've been a bit lax totally MIA on here.
I have learned some new crochet thingamajiggers and I become a bit obsessed.
So, since I went missing most of the week, I decided to do a "Week in Review" version of HF4F.

(Don't forget to check out Lauren's blog for her HF4F post.)
Handsome Husband and I went on a pre hockey game date and brought along our new favorite thing--our doodle book.  It's a book filled with draw-starts that tells you something about what's happening, tells you what to draw or asks you a question.   We had a blast.  I bought new pens (I have a school set and now a purse set for just this purpose) for us to doodle with.

I was the lone woman at Handsome Husband's fantasy football post-season party, so I decided to do it up right.  I crocheted my little heart out while chit-chatting with the boys.

My monkey coozie came along with me and kept my beer company while I was crocheting.

This is SERIOUSLY the best coffee in the entire world.  (Ok, maybe not the ENTIRE world, but it is darn close.)  It is from Target and out of my world.

Getting ready for an after-spinning shopping trip.  I hope I didn't make anyone lose their desire to grocery shop...I was pretty, um, slick.  Thanks, Ali!

Speaking of spinning...I now have NINE WHOLE DOLLARS in my workout jar.  I started putting money in it two and a half weeks ago, so that's not bad in my book.

The two above photos are what my friend Britt affectionately calls "yarn porn."  She is an avid knitter (amazing!!) and has the same affliction that I do.  We need "yarn purchasers anonymous."

A muy delicioso dinner on Monday night.  I am completely infatuated with the steamable edamame available at my local supermarket.  I even ate some for breakfast today.

I finished my friend Laura's camera strap cover.  I finished my SILs too but I think I'm going to redo it because I think it's a bit wonky.

I learned how to make these adorable hearts here.  I think I am going to make these as valentines for my nuggets this year.

My family has an unnatural obsession with "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation."

My nuggets were completely enamored with the writing lesson today.  You could have heard a pin drop.  (No joke...I almost tried it.)

Welp, there you go...way more than five, but still celebrating my week!
I hope you all had a great week and have a great weekend!


Mrs. B

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Three-Day Weekends are the Bomb

So, this past weekend was one of the few (normally occurring) three-day weekends.
I busted my butt on Friday to get as much done as possible so that I didn't have to take anything home with me. 
Thank goodness I did that!
I spent the weekend reveling in my introvertedness.
I spent a little bit of time being conversational with some folks, but I was either reading or crocheting while I did it.

I made the goal to read one book per month this year...
I read TWO this weekend.
I'm kind of a big deal speed reader.
People who know me can attest to that fact.
The speed at which I read isn't the a matter of fact, it helps!
It's the fact that I know that if I start reading a book and get into it I struggle to put it down.
That didn't matter this weekend!

I began the weekend around 100 pages into this book
when the weekend began.
I was done with it by Saturday afternoon.
There's nothing spectacular, amazing, or page-devouring about it.
I think it was just withdrawal.

I was planning to stop reading for the weekend once I was done with this one and then...
it ended with another mystery!!!!!!!!
Son of a gun!
A set of secondary characters from this book were pulled into their own suspenseful plot.

So, what else does a girl do but whip out my e-reader, jump online and download it immediately.

I read some of it Saturday night, most of it Sunday evening and the rest Monday morning.
(See how I couldn't have moved on if it weren't for having a three-day weekend???!)

I got all of this done in between getting some major crocheting done, watching Baby Jayde, going to an ND hockey game, hanging with Handsome Husband's fantasy peeps, and attending two spinning classes.

Woot woot!

I hope you all had a great weekend as well!

Mrs. B

Monday, January 21, 2013

Easy Spicy Chicken

I'm getting this post whipped out while this little lovely
is asleep on the floor.

Well...she was.

Now, she's enamored with CSI: NY. (Just like her auntie)

So, Handsome Husband and I decided that it would be a good idea to go to spin trivia (spinning class with trivia questions) at the gym on Friday.
This little nugget got here 15 minutes after it ended and I knew that Handsome Husband and I would be famished.
I was right.
I was having a major craving for buffalo chicken.
Like, major.
So, before I left for school Friday morning, I threw a bag of frozen chicken and half a giant bottle of Frank's Red Hot into the crock pot.
When we got home I shredded it a bit, put it over lettuce and had a nice little salad.
Handsome Husband had himself a sandwich (or two) all while moaning about how good it was.
Super easy!

Do you have any easy crock pot recipes to share?


Mrs. B

Friday, January 18, 2013

High Five For Friday

Im linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk to bring you some highlights from my week.

Here we go!!

1.  I almost left for school in these bad boys.  Casual Tuesday, anyone??
2.  I got to try authentic Ethiopian food this week.  Delicious!
3.  I'm typing this post one-handed since I'm balancing this nugget on my leg.  Doesn't she look adorable in the hat I made her??
4.  It was one of those nights last night.
5.  I got my Birchbox this week.  Check out this post for the complete run-down.

How was your week??


Mrs. B

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Adventures in Recess Duty

So, on my way outside for recess duty today, I was doing my usual grumbling and moaning about how cold and blech it was outside.
That's when I noticed all of the kids glued to the perimeter of the fence...
and that's when I saw it...

The nuggets were riveted by the sight of some of our local firefighters battling a blaze at a facility a block away.

This made for a wicked easy recess duty today...most of the kiddos were enthralled by the men in action.
That being said, I haven't seen anything on the news yet about the cause or the damage and I hope that everyone is ok and that all items are replaceable.

How was your day?


Mrs. B

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January Birchbox

One of my favorite emails to receive is "Your Birchbox has shipped."
Once I get that awesome piece of electronic wordage I come into the house each night with my eyes peeled for that fantabulous pink box.

I figured that it would be here on Friday...

Monday!  Best. Day. Ever.
(Just kidding. :))

So, after I ripped it open with my teeth cut it open all lady-like and such, I had to check out all of my new swag.

Here's a picture of my new "lady-swag".

I got these finger mitts by Deborah Lippmann for nail polish removal.
I don't usually wear nail polish since I constantly have my fingers in my mouth, gnawing them into oblivion don't have time to paint them and the paint comes off very easily.  
Let's see if I can keep my teeth off of them and get to use these suckers soon!

I received this deliciously citrusy scent from Harvey Prince called Skinny Chic.  
I wore it this morning and was reminded that winter doesn't last forever.
This is the perfect light, spring/summer scent.

During a trip to the mall last weekend with my mom I decided to buy a liquid foundation for the first time in 4 or 5 years.  
I have been a Bare Minerals girl.
I've been struggling with my skin looking super dry (which is NOT normal).
I'm not sure if it's that the consistency is different or the fact that I use a sponge or WHATEVER, but my skin looked great after using this Multi-Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer by My today.  
It went on smoothly and helped my foundation go on smoothly as well.
I'm not sure that I'd buy it regularly because of the price, but I'll take almost anything that's free!

Isn't this CUH-UTE??!!!
This is a two-in-one blush and highlighter by theBalm cosmetics called Hot Mama.
It's a great peachy-pink that warms up my complexion.

I tried this shampoo tonight.
It smelled great but was a bit too thin for my taste.
I tend to like a thicker shampoo since I have a lot of daily build-up.
I probably wouldn't buy this for myself.

Overall, I'm happy with my Birchbox this month.
Do you receive Birchbox??
If so, what did you get this month?


Mrs. B