Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Friday!

I swear...this year is going by so fast that it's going to be over before I realize it!
I have successfully completed my first week back after Christmas break.
A coworker had a great observation;
"You go into Christmas break with the mindset that December behavior is the norm.  When you get back in January you realize that it's not...thank goodness!"
(That's not a direct quote, but it's pretty close...if I went around writing down all the quotes I hear I would never get anything done!)

I now bring you the first edition of the second semester High Five for Friday posts!
(I know you are all holding your breath...and release. :) )


#1.  Handsome Husband and I went to dinner with our friends L&N at a delicious pizza joint in a nearby town.  (It wasn't quite as good as our regular joint, but it was still great.)  I love knowing that when we go out with them (she and I used to work together, but love to double date, so the boys get dragged along) Handsome Husband and N can have a great discussion about sports or something while L and I chat it up.  Before we knew it, 2 hours had gone by tonight.  Our monthly date (February 22 this time) can't come soon enough!!

#2.  I found these great prospects in the book exchange box at school today!  I'm sure that I can keep up with my reading-one-book-a-month-goal this year!  I have to be careful, though...if I don't watch it I will sit down and read all three of these in one weekend and neglect all things normal (i.e. showering, eating, working out, church, school, etc...).

#3.  I didn't realize how much I would miss the little things that happen at the end of each week.  I have this sick and twisted joy that comes with organizing paperwork and filing things.  Seriously.  I have started the packet for keeping track of grades for this quarter (color-coded, of course) and am actually itching to finish getting everything entered in.  I'm actually going to tackle it when I'm done typing this! (Plus, if I get it done tonight, I don't have to do anything tomorrow and can relax before going in to school to finish report cards on Sunday.)

(I had to watch how I phrased that because I love to have things organized, but I seem to waste all of my energy on my classroom...the living areas of the house aren't super bad, but the bedroom seems to be overcome with clothing each week.  Hence, the goal of putting my clothes away right away!  Sorry, Handsome Husband...)

#4.  I have been doing a remediation reading group each morning from 8:05 - 8:30 Monday - Friday (Monday is the pretest and Tuesday - Friday have lessons with a post-test on Friday) and got word today that, so far, 2 of the 6 nuggets in my group improved their reading scores by at least 4 levels on our benchmarking system!!  I am ECSTATIC!  This group of nuggets was SUPER LOW at the beginning of the year and I have been working SO HARD to help them learn to read.  It feels so good to know that I had a hand in helping them improve.  
I can't wait to see how the rest of my group and the group that Mrs. M has been working with does on their benchmarking tests.  Yay for learning!

#5.  I am heading to the local farmer's market tomorrow with the Madre and our friend April.  I adore going with them because we get to spend some time together while supporting local businesses.  Our favorite business is the jewelry booth run by Ali Oesch.  (If you happen to click the link and go to her page don't stop there!!!!  Like her on Facebook and you will get updates on her new items with the opportunity to buy and have her ship them to you!!!!  She's amazing...seriously...she made the wedding jewelry for all of my girls and me last year.)  The farmers market also has a great restaurant so we usually get a scrumptious breakfast while we are shopping.
Go find her...seriously...

How has your week turned out???

Mrs. B

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