Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I Love Wednesday 1.30.13

What a week.
I am so tired that it feels like it should be Friday.
I started the day with a long, work-filled meeting with my team.
We are fantabulous workers and get TONS done but it always sucks the energy right out of me.

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Here's what I'm loving this week:

I'm loving that one of my nuggets will randomly wink at me when she answers questions.
"Hey, A!  Great job answering that question in a complete sentence!"
"Thanks, Mrs. Bodnar!" *wink*
Makes me giggle every time.

I'm loving that I haven't had to free my car from an ice coccoon or a snow drift the last few day.
However, I'm NOT loving that it's been raining like crazy.
We have had inside recess for 6 out of 7 school days because of rain this week and crazy snow and freezing temperatures last week.
We are all a bit stir-crazy.
This song has helped us get the wiggles out.

I'm loving that I have such amazing help in my classroom.
I was able to go to my meeting today and know that Mrs. Miller had it under control.
She is a god-send.
I wouldn't get half of the stuff that I need to do done without her.

I'm loving that I haven't cheated on my diet in three days!
That may not seem like much but I am NOTORIOUS for not sticking with it.
Junk food and I have torrid love affairs.
When I went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday a little girl asked if I wanted to buy Girl Scout cookies and I said that I couldn't because I was allergic...they make me chubby.
Her mom just about fell off her chair laughing.
(I've lost 3 1/2 pounds in 3 go 17 Day Diet!)

I'm loving this idea from Pinterest:
You put Skittles on their papers on the spots where they used correct punctuation while they are out (ie lunch or special).  I think my kids would really dig this.
Check out the blog here.

What are you loving on this weirdly warm Wednesday?


Mrs. B

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  1. Never managed to post WILW this week but I would like to say that the Hop, Skip song is kiddyling groovy. I can see my niece bopping away to this one....! I'll send my sis the link!

    1. I missed out on last week. Whoops! My nuggets adore this song. Fortunately, our room is right about a lobby, so they can be as noisy as they want! Thanks for dropping by!