Friday, February 1, 2013

High Five for Friday 2.1.13

I'm linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk Blog to bring you this edition of High Five for Friday.
I hope this post finds you warm and cozy on this frigid day.

1)  This is my new favorite breakfast.
I am currently rocking the 17-Day Diet and am in the middle of cycle 1.
This is the perfect start to my day.
It is cottage cheese with frozen blueberries on top.
I use frozen berries because I DESPISE mushy berries.
Plus, they keep it wicked cold in my lunchbox (yeah, I rock one of those, too) on the trip to school.
I've lost a little over 3 pounds since Monday morning!

2)  The Fratellis could quite possibly be my "new" favorite band.
They turn up on my Maroon 5 Pandora station quite a bit and I realized that I knew a bunch of their songs but didn't know it was them.
Perfect car-ride music.

3a)  Here are some school photos from Friday.
Today was our eighth day of inside recess out of 9 days.
They are turning into squirrely little buggers.

3b)  This is one of my favorite gifts from a nugget (so far).
He was super proud to see me drinking from it today.
(I got some magnets from another nugget that rank right up there, too!)

3c)  I had to get a picture of this nugget actually sitting still.
She is THE FUNNIEST little person.
She makes me laugh all day long...even when I'm not supposed to.

4)  This is the best way to start my weekend.
I love getting my butt kicked knowing that I get to sleep in on Saturday.

5)  My madre bought me some new boots.
They are a late Christmas present.
We've been trying to find boots to fit my apparently massive calves.
Thank you Aerosoles.
And thank you madre.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


Mrs. B


  1. I too have been loving spin class!

    Might have to try that breakfast combo because I'm getting tired of eggs and bacon.

  2. It kicks my butt in such a good way every time! Another breakfast I love is plain Kefir, frozen fruit and agave nectar thrown into the blender. It makes a great smoothie!

    Thanks for stopping by!