Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Room Tour #2! (Daniel - Part One)

I decided to split Daniel's room tour into two posts since there was so much good stuff hanging around.
This is a fifth grade room.

I'm a teensy weensy bit jealous of his bright yellow Keurig.
Seriously...not saying I would want yellow, but something other than silver would ROCK!

His mom made him this kick-butt cheeseburger pillow thing-a-ma-jig.
Each piece comes apart and his nuggets use them during reading time.
Uhh...he doesn't ever actually touch know...(lice)...gag.
But it's still wicked cool!

I had something like this up in my room at the beginning of the year and am now thinking that I need to get it out again.
I LOVE the language of his compared to mine.
Not that mine's bad, but I just really like his wording.

Here's mine.

I also liked the language he used when describing voice levels.

Some Language Arts work.

I'll be back with more from Daniel's room on Thursday!


Mrs. B

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