Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Re-cap

So, yet another Valentine's Day has come and gone.
As a wife I love celebrating another day of loving my husband fiercely.
As a teacher I find it a borderline manic day.

Tensions run pretty high on this day...more so than most others during the year.
I had 5 (FIVE!!!) students cry today.
My room was a total wreck when the day was done.
I avoided it for more than 45 minutes after school because I couldn't deal.

I started my day off right.
I totally have a Keurig hanging out in my room.
It keeps me sane!

This beautiful little blessing proudly showed off the hat I made for her.
I seriously want to eat her up.
This picture brings so much joy to my heart because she is just so stinking happy!

I was soooooooo ready to get this stuff off my counters.
I may not be the cleanest person at home, but I am OCD at school.
A place for everything and everything in it's place.

This does NOT show everything in it's place.
My desk threw up.

Here's what my nuggets got for me.
Not pictured are the cute ring (I rocked that bling all day) and some pretty daisies.
I think I'm set for the next year.

My kids really show the love each year.
I love stressing to them that this is not the only day to show that you care for someone.

They REALLY loved the little hearts that I crocheted for them.
One little nugget was bawling at one point because she thought that she hadn't gotten one from me because it was buried at the bottom of her bag.  (Disaster averted!  It was there!)
No matter how often my nuggets make me want to pull my hair out I really love them and adore seeing their smiling little faces each day.

On my way home I picked this handsome dude up and we went for dinner.
He picked the place.

He decided that we needed to go to the place where we met (at a NYE party).
He is so thoughtful.

The cooks in the kitchen had fun with his dinner.
We were feeling the love.

When reading the menu I totally thought that this said, "Flour tortillas filled with MSG..." 
Reading fail.
We giggled.

I know that today is a Hallmark holiday, but I really enjoy spending it with my kids each year (no matter how stressed I am at the end of the day!) and celebrating my love for my husband (which I do every day anyway!).

Handsome Husband added to my gift and made me a mix "tape".
I listened to it to and from work.
He put a lot of thought into it.
Thanks babe!

I hope you all had a fantastic Hallmark holiday, even if you didn't celebrate.


Mrs. B

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