Thursday, February 28, 2013

Room Tour #2!! (Daniel - Part Two)

Here is the second half of Daniel's room tour.

Here are Daniel's CRQ (constructed response question).
Sorry it's a little fuzzy...iPhone know.

Our former principal encouraged us to create expectations with our nuggets.
We created 3 different kinds...
Teacher Expectations for Kids...

Student Expectations for Teachers...

and Kids Expectations for Kids.

I tried this with my students my first two years of teaching, but they usually came up with stuff like, "Don't give us homework," "Don't talk too loudly," "Get a class pet."
The whole, "Get a class pet" think worked out didn't last half the year.

I love that he added #4. Be flexible to his Guest Teacher Expectations.
I have had to have this talk with my nuggets many times.
Just because a guest teacher does something a different way doesn't mean they are wrong.

Welp, there you go!
I can't wait to share another room with you!

(Although, my friend Jesselle said, "I can walk into Daniel's room at any time...I want to know how you tie your scarves!"
So, it looks like I might be jumping on that bandwagon.

Have a great Thursday!

Mrs. B


  1. I love the Be Flexible! Our school has been stressing the 3 B's this year. Be Kind, Be Safe, Be A Learner.

    1. I think Be Flexible will be added to mine next year. Thanks for reading!

  2. Hi Jordan. Just hopping around and came over here. Your rooms look great but I wanna be friends in real life just because of your title. Ha! Love it. I'm sure Drew will try to eat other stuff in the future, but for now he's obsessed with picking up crumbs from the kitchen floor and eating them! :) Cute blog!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I get funny looks from people occasionally when I tell them the name...though, once they hear the story they get it. I had a nugget chewing on a leaf the other day! It's amazing what they can find to put in their mouths.

      You're blog is wonderful!


  3. My younger sister is a primary school classroom assistant and it's nice to see how similar the teaching methods from across the ocean are!

    1. That's wonderful! I always love peeking into others' rooms.

      Thanks for stopping by!