Friday, March 1, 2013

High 5 For Friday!

It's Friday, Friday.  Gotta get down on Fridaaaaayyyy.
(I'm totally singing as I write...)

I'm linking up with Lauren here to celebrate the start of the weekend.

1.  Handsome Husband got me a new subscription to US Weekly!
I don't care one iota about anything in here, but it is fantastic mindless fodder for a Friday night.

 2.  I got these fantabulous new slippers in the mail this week.
They are from Urban Outfitters.

3.  Lauren retweeted his hilarious (and SO TRUE) tweet.
They are so unnecessary...

4a. My nuggets get into the weirdest situations...
He got his finger stuck in his shoelace!
He discovered that all he had to do was STOP PULLING! 
He inadvertently created his own Chinese finger trap.

4b.  From one nugget to another while in library today: "You know, So-and-so, you have an awful lot to say.  Could you give us a break?"  
 If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black I don't know what is!

5.  It's March, which means that it's my birthday month!
I turn 29 on the 19th...
Holy cow...
I'm still chewing on that.
However, just because I'm going to be almost 30 doesn't mean that I can't celebrate the whole month!
I also picked up this wicked cute desktop calendar from Ruche.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. B


  1. Turning 30 isn't so bad! The 30's are WONDERFUL times of your life. And yeah for US Weekly. Trashy magazines are what gets us through life (and long poops). :)

    1. Oh. My. Heart! You're right about us needing to be friends in real life! I just laughed out loud. (You're right about the pooping thing!!)