Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday 3.13.13

This edition of What I'm Loving Wednesday is being brought to you by a very tired teacher.
So, I guess one thing I'm loving is that Wednesday is almost over!

I'm loving that we had a two hour delay this morning.
It meant that the planning meeting with my team lasted until 12:30 instead of 11:00.
We got so much done!

I'm loving that my birthday is in less than one week!

I'm loving that I got my hair cut last night and it looks like this...
Ginnifer the fade on the sides.
mixed with this...
Lovely pixie

I'm loving that my friend Lindsay asked me to try and make something like this for her wedding.
Totally going to figure this out for @Lindsay Potgiesser!!@jordanbodnar

I'm loving that I can find pins that show me outfits with things I already own...
like this polka-dot sweater.
jeans and polka dots

I'm loving these blanket patterns and colors.
I am going to try my hand at an afghan soon...
Crochetgranny stripe blanket

I'm loving this pin I found...
We all need to remember this and it can only help my nuggets to learn it early.

What are you loving on this snowy Indiana Wednesday?
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Mrs. B

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