Monday, March 11, 2013

Room Tour #3 (Daisy)

I visited a kindergarten room for this episode of Room Tour.
I'm going to be honest...kindergarten freaks me out.
It's a different kind of monster.
I love second grade because the nuggets have developed some independence, know how to "do school" for the most part, can tie their own shoes and don't usually have bathroom accidents.
Daisy stepped in a few weeks into the school year to take this class.
This is her first year teaching and she's probably cried less than I did in my first week!
Cheers to adventures in teaching!

 The view from the door to the left.

The view from the door to the right.

Her word wall.
I love that she's using her filing cabinet as the word wall.
I have a filing cabinet in my room that just takes up space.
I need to find something creative to do with it.

I love this bright carpet in her group area.
I am a huge fan of rainbows and strategic color in my classroom and I love the way this pops.

Classroom expectations.

The class pet, Toña.
She is an adorable rabbit.
I miss having a class pet, but my nuggets didn't have time to spend with it.
Such a pretty animal!

This is their class tree.
They wrote their names on the circles at the beginning of the year and change it with each season.

This is her behavior chart.
Green means "It's all good."
Yellow means "Walk 2 laps at recess or miss 5 minutes off of stations."
Red means "Walk laps the entire recess."
Grey means "A visit to the office."

I can't believe how little those nuggets seem!

Do you have any great rooms you've seen lately?


  1. I love your teaching posts! I am a first year teacher and enjoy reading posts from other teachers.... I need all the advice I can get!

    1. Thanks for stopping by!! I'm happy to know that they help! Good luck with your teaching adventure. :)