Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sunday Social 3.3.13

It's hard to believe that it's already March!
This year has been flying by and it's going to be over before I know it!

I'm linking up here for Sunday Social.

This Week's Questions:
(They are brought to you by the number 5.)

1.  What are 5 songs you'll listen to for the rest of your life?
1)  Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
2)  Lead Me to the Cross by Hillsong United
3)  Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap
4)  Blackbird by Paul McCartney
5)  Kodachrome by Paul Simon

2.  What are 5 things on your bucket list?
1)  Have children with Handsome Husband.
2)  Visit all the MLB baseball parks.
(I've hit 7 and will get to 8 in April. 
I've been to see the Red Sox (woot woot!!), White Sox, Tigers, Mets, Indians, Brewers, and Cubs.  
I'll see the Dodgers in April.)
3)  Get asked to attend the high school graduations of my nuggets down the road.
4)  Travel the world.
5)  Do a sprint triathlon.

3.  Who are 5 celebs you'd love to hang out with for a day?
Freddie Mercury
Harrison Ford
Rebel Wilson
Jennifer Lawrence
Zooey Deschanel

4.  What are 5 things you always carry in your purse?
An assortment of lipgloss,
multi-colored pens,
my crocheted sock monkey coffee coozie, 
and my reading glasses (I'm such an old woman.)

5.  What are 5 books on your reading list?

6.  Share the last 5 pictures on your phone.
New hat...made it.

Pen case or teething toy?

I need to be friends with this person in real life.

Handsome Husband decorated my day on the calendar.

Don't judge...

Next Week's Questions:  "Never Have I..." themed
1.  What is one movie you are terrified to watch?
2.  What is one TV show you have always wanted to get into but haven't yet?
3.  What is one daring activity on your bucket list?
4.  Would you ever travel alone?
5.  What activities do you like to do alone?

Have a great week!


Mrs. B

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