Friday, March 22, 2013

High Five for Friday!

Holy tired Friday, Batman.
This has felt like the longest week ever!
I could have just put my head down and taken a nap at any point.
Thank heavens it's the last Friday I have to endure before spring break!

Here are some high points:
(check out some others here)

I think the biggest high point was that I turned 29 this week!  
I officially can say that I'm in my final year of this decade.  

1)  I used my granny squares to give a talk on perseverance.
My nuggets requested that we keep them up so they can see the progression.

2)  I wore flowers in honor of Spring!
Can't it just feel like it already??

3)  I am heading over to a friends house to hang with my team from school to celebrate our birthdays.
Out of the 6 people on our team, 4 of us have birthdays in March.
Crazy I tell you!

4)  I decided to give my nuggets "expert words" this week and it has worked out FANTASTICALLY!
I can't wait to share more with you next week!

5)  I am headed to Kalamazoo to celebrate Lindsay's bachellorette party!
We are going to get our paint on!
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I hope you had a great week and have a relaxing weekend!


Mrs. B


  1. Hope you had fun with your celebrations. I'd love to wear a flower to greet spring too, but it's ruddy well snowing in Scotland!

    1. That's a bummer! Spring just needs to get here already!!

      Have a great week!