Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Madness Birchbox!

I'm writing this later than I would normally since it's the first day of March Madness.
These are the four days that I knew were "off limits" when I married Handsome Husband.
He loves this weekend more than any other sports weekend of the year.

So, while he is off watching basketball games I am chillaxing at home.
(I think today was just one of those days...all 4 second grade teachers were gone by 3:45.)

It's been one year since I decided to order Birchbox each month.
I have been happy most of the time.
(No one can be happy EVERY time.)

1)  This shampoo was a freebie in this month's box.
It was meh...I'm not a fan of shampoo freebies since I only have them in my hair for a second.
It smelled good though!
I've been wanting to try this brand (since I always walk past the end-of-the-row display whenever I'm in Target) but haven't because of the expense.
I don't know that I would spend $14 on this shampoo since I just recently found a cheeper, sulfate-free shampoo that I really like.

2)  Since I usually use the Schick Intuition razor I don't have any need for shaving cream.
However, I am traveling to LA, Charleston, and Maine soon so having something a bit more portable (like this sample) is nice.
(That being said...I haven't tried it yet since I'm saving it for my trips.)

3)  I really like this conditioner.
I have always been a fan of good conditioners since I color my hair a lot and it's usually pretty dry.
I would definitely buy this conditioner (if I were able to spend that much on conditioner). 

4)  I was SUPER excited about this eyeliner until the tip broke off and fell down the drain while I was trying to use it.
I had already done one!
I love the color but have found the same color in cheaper versions (whose tips didn't break off!).

5)  I was a bit hmm, uhh, meh about the nail file.
I have about a million nail files hanging around my house, car and desk.
The one thing that I really liked was the clear plastic case.
I was able to toss it in my purse without worrying that everything else would get "filed".

6)  I REALLY like this facial cleanser.  
The buffing beads feel effective, yet gentle.
This brand didn't feel like it was going to slough off 3 layers of my skin with every use.  
This is something I would DEFINITELY purchase.

The only thing I was bummed about was that this was the first box where I didn't get a perfume sample!
I got birthday money from Birchbox from my sister-in-law and am planning on using it toward a new perfume.
So excited!!

Did you get anything you loved in your Birchbox?


Mrs. B

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