Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thrifty Thursday

So, after running my (not so) little tushie off yesterday, I got some much needed down time.
(I actually woke up at 7:30 on my own - which is unheard of - and stayed up - also unheard of.)

I crocheted my little heart out and worked on my granny square quilt while I patiently impatiently waited on the floor lady to show up to give me some stain samples.

She was supposed to show up between 10:30 and 11:30.
So, I wasn't too happy when I had to call her at 12:30 to see if she was coming at all.
However, I got this done in the meantime:
It felt so much more productive to do the innards first and then add the white later.
I am so excited to see it coming together!

I also had to give some pretty explicit instructions to the mailman:
The gorgeous sunlight isn't just a trick of the filter.
It was a gorgeous day today.

I guess it's hard to tell which one is the mailbox.
You know...because one has our house number on it and the other has the name of our newspaper.
Difficult, I tell you.
*insert wry facial expression here*

I don't normally care, but as you can see from the picture just above, the flag was up...
Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I hope you had a great day!
Did you do anything thrifty on this gorgeous Thursday?


Mrs. B

P. S.  I almost forgot to post something today because I kept thinking that it was Saturday!
Darn "spring break brain".


  1. I wish I could crochet. I'm a reasonably good knitter but crochet looks that much neater. Oh, well. I might try to get a library book out and try to learn over the Easter break...... A nice little egg cozy to start with perhaps.....LoL.....I'll try anyhow!

    1. That sounds like a great plan! I ended up using YouTube to learn most of what I know now. Let me know what you try!