Thursday, February 21, 2013

Room Tour #1!! (Krista)

So, while sitting in a meeting in a co-worker's room I had a great idea for a blog series!
I'm going to tour the rooms of my school and take photos of the great ideas I see (with permission, of course!).

So, for my first room I visited my friend Krista's room.

I noticed these signs hanging up by her desk.
She uses them as a visual signal for her nuggets during work time.
I think I'm going to make these for my room since my nuggets DON'T KNOW WHAT SILENT AND QUIET WORK TIME ARE!!!!!!!!!!!  
(Uh, excuse me.  Rant over.  Eep!)

 This is such an important concept for children (and some adults!) to understand.
This is a great reminder for kids to see every day and for the teacher to reference during conflicts.

This is kind of an um-duh thing to have up in a classroom.
I don't have this up, but it would be especially helpful for the nuggets at the beginning of the year and if a guest teacher is in the room.

I don't have classroom jobs because the management of it was a lot to deal with last year.
This seems like an easy way to assign jobs.

"On Your Mark" is an easy way to make sure that nuggets are ready for the day and prepared to learn.
It's a FANTASTIC reference for teachers.

Thanks, Krista, for allowing me to invade your room and talk about some of your awesome ideas!
I can't wait to tour some more rooms!
Have you seen any great teaching ideas lately?


Mrs. B


  1. What a great idea! I love taking a peek into other teachers' rooms. Can't wait to see more!