Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What I Love Wednesday 2.13.13

It's that time of the week again!
(I was totally going to write a post about how my kids are working on speaking and writing in complete sentences, but my brain doesn't seem to be working...maybe later.)
I am linking up with Jamie and her buddies here.

I'm loving that my when my father-in-law found out I was sick he made me soup.
What a guy!

I'm loving that I am a pen addict and proud.
(I have two sets of these for school and one for my them!)

I'm loving the hilariousness of my nuggets having whole cucumbers (one each!!!) as their snack through our fresh fruits and veggies program at school. 
They had a blast biting off both ends and spitting them into the trash.
Oh the little things that make a person happy!
(That worksheet is one of the ways we are working on writing complete sentences...more on that to come.)

I'm loving these adorable little valentines I made for my nuggets.
I can't wait for them to see them! 
(At least the girls...and some of the boys...I have some nuggets who will love them and some who will think, "Eh.")

I'm loving my two new camera cases that Handsome Husband got for me for Valentine's day!
He scrounged around on Ebay and found great deals on both which is why I got two!
I love that I now have one for major storage (lenses and other extras) and a light one for travel.
The travel one was tops on my list because we are going to L.A. in April and I want to bring my camera.

What are you loving this Wednesday?
I hope you all have a happy Valentine's Day!


Mrs. B


  1. I must have at least over a hundred pens in all sorts of colours and textures - I'm always doodling! I could eat cucumber till it came out my ears - I do love it!!

    ps......happy snapping!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I have pens everywhere! I have plastic bins in my cupboards dividing the markers from the pens from the pencils from the permanent markers from the dry erase markers! I have a problem.

      Thanks for the happy snapping wishes. :)