Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sick Day

So, yesterday I woke up with the worst stomachache I've had in years.
Me, being the teacher who knows that it's harder to teach while sick than write sub plans, figured I could fight my way through it.
Not quite.
I left my nuggets in the hands of a friend who is also a guest teacher for our corporation.
I napped the afternoon away.

While I was hoping to go back to school today I ended up spending today at home again. 
I actually drove to school - 45 minutes both ways - to write my sub plans...gross.
When I got home I started my day by previewing this movie
for Handsome Husband.
He wants to watch it with his class and needed someone to make sure it wasn't inappropriate.

I ended up passing out a little over an hour in and woke up to Handsome Husband walking into the bedroom.
He's got it, too.
Sickness abounds in this household.

We spent the afternoon lounging (well, he was sleeping and I was watching The Dark Knight Rises).
At least I was semi-productive and whipped this sucker out for baby Jayde.
I think it's pretty dang adorable.
I learned how to make the hat here and the hearts here.

I picked up this ADORABLE desktop calendar here.

I sure hope you all had a much better day than Handsome Husband and I did!


Mrs. B

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