Friday, June 14, 2013

Things I've Learned

Since embarking on this amazing journey I have learned some interesting things about myself and other things...

1.  All I want to eat is a COLD turkey sandwich.
But of course...that's not an option.
In the weeks prior to seeing those 2 wonderful lines I ate AT LEAST 2 turkey/avocado sandwiches a day.
Warm turkey sandwich...not so much.
Oh Jimmy I miss you.

2.  Hearing that little alien-blob being's heartbeat is amazing every time.
The last time it was 179 so my bet is girl, but you never know.

3.  I've always been an eater.
My family has NEVER been good with portion control.  (Thanks, pops.)
Now, however, I am nauseated when I don't eat and when I eat too much.
There is a fine line.

The biggest difference has been that I can go from "No, I'm not hungry at all," to "Holy crap...if I don't get something to eat within the next 10 seconds I'm going to rip your arm off and eat it raw," in about 2 minutes.
I had to talk myself out of crying in a bar in Charleston when they told me that they were no longer serving food for the night.
Almost midnight + sober + starving + hormones = HOT MESS

4.  Bra shopping sucks.
Victoria's Secret no longer holds my secret.
I have been living in the one and only bra that fits and needed to buy some more.
So, I decided to head to the outlet mall near our vacation house to purchase a few more.
The poor, misguided woman helping me kind of pissed me off, though.
She brought me total GRANNY BRAS!
You know, the kind where they not only cover you chesticles but also come up to about your collar bone.
picture via

I'm pregnant and have big knockers...I'm not dead.

5.  Coffee is losing its appeal.
I am a coffee lover.
This t-shirt sums it up nicely:
picture via

The problem I'm having now is that coffee is no longer my friend.
I can make it through half a cup before I feel like I'm going to ralph on myself.
Headaches galore...blech.

6.  I hate being "the reasonable one" aka "the sober one" when we go out.
Just a few weeks after I found out I was growing a human Handsome Husband and I went to a Tim McGraw concert with some friends.
It. Was. Not. Fun.
Being the voice of reason in an unreasonable world sucks.

What did you learn?


Mrs. B 


  1. Try a wrap from chick fil a, those should be alright to eat! I remember those pregnant days and I do not envy you. Try sipping on chicken broth throughout the day, it may help with the nausea. I lived on that stuff for weeks because I couldn't keep anything down. I also was soda and caffeine free for years before I got pregnant and I became a Coca Cola fiend while pregnant. She is 5 now and I just now stopped, ha! Congratulations by the way!

    1. Thanks for the tips!! I keep crackers by my side of the bed to munch on before I get up. We are soooooo excited!!

      Thanks for stopping by!