Monday, September 30, 2013

Life Happens

I was so proud of myself for getting a blog post out almost 2 (two!!!) weeks ago and then life got in the way again.
I have kind of resigned myself to the reality that I am probably not going to be a daily blogger again for a while.
A long while.
Don't get me wrong...I LOVE writing and sharing things on my blog.
However, I am enjoying my last few months of being Jordan before entering the world of Mom.

I've been crocheting my brains out and actually making money doing it!
I have started crocheting hats and such for friends and family.
I find crochet to be so blissfully relaxing and love that I can do it for other people!
I love this football hat that I've made for a few people (included someone I only knew through Instagram!!).

I am done with the rows on my ripple baby blanket for Baby B.
I just need to sew the ends in and add a border!
I am so dang in love with this blanket that I am 95% sure that I will be starting one for myself here SOON.
This photo is from when it was 1/3 of the way done.
I suffered from a bit of baby brain and stopped a row too soon which is why there are now skinny rows incorporated as well.
However, it turned out AWESOME.
So, yay for baby brain!

I started watching "Breaking Bad" on Labor Day at the (not so gentle) urging of Handsome Husband.
I am pretty dang proud of myself because I managed to keep up on all of my work, feed HH and myself, and catch up to the current episodes by September 15th!
My iPad went EVERYWHERE with me.
Totally not name the place and the iPad was there.

I'm now "hooked" (pun intended) on "Once Upon a Time".
My dad started watching it first and really liked it so I decided to try it.
It's nothing intense or mind-boggling, but I find it enjoyable.
Plus, there is some real eye-candy in it! :)

On a baby note, Handsome Husband got to feel the baby kicking for the first time last night!
He/She was super active as I was getting ready to fall asleep, so I made him get off his phone and had him wrap his whole arm around my belly (more surface area = more of a chance he'd feel it).
It was so cool!
I feel it all the time and he's been saying that he wished he could.
Man, to say that I love that little eggplant (thank you, What to Expect app) would be the understatement of the year.
I didn't know that I had a hole in my being that needed to be filled.
I am getting so excited to meet our little one in January!

I hope you're having a great start to your week!


Mrs. B

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