Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Baby's Asleep! So...

mommy's back to blogging!

I can't lie.
I enjoy hanging with my Charliebabe waaaayyyy more than anything else.
However, I constantly find myself composing blog posts in my head!

They range from mommy ramblings to teacher musings to random things that pop into my head when nobody's looking.

Here's a little of what I've been up to for the last 6-ish months...(note: these are apparently out of order and I'm too lazy busy to fix them.)
Watching Handsome Husband fall in love with another woman.

Falling in love with baby yawns.

Celebrating my first Mother's Day.

Loving this killer smile.

Laughing at how much Charliebabe resembled my father-in-law in the beginning.

Loving those first "smiles".

Celebrating her first (of many) visit to Target!


Cuddling after her first real bath.

Becoming a family.

Watching the Super Bowl.

Introducing Charlotte to her great grandfather.
(We aren't allowed to call her Charlie around him.  Haha!)

Four generations!

Pumping and pumping and pumping...don't get me started on the panic attack I had during the power outage last week.

Realizing that babies weren't always pooping and sleeping.
They spend a lot of time crying for NO REASON.

Getting her hips checked by her great grandfather.
It's a tradition!
He's an orthopedic surgeon (retired, obviously) and founded this place.

Loving the stuff that Handsome Husband's students would send home.

Realizing that a swing is THE BEST THING you could ever buy.
She spent more nights than I care to admit in this thing.

Taking walks in the cold because mommy desperately needed it.
(We only went a block to Nonna and Rock's.)

Buying and returning 4 different tubs until we found the right one.

Dealing with poop.
Lots of poop.

Leaving her for our first night out.

Snow, snow and more snow.
However, I couldn't have picked a better winter to take maternity leave!

Going back to school.
(I miss having hair at my temples!  No one tells you that your hair might thin in spots and not just all over!  Baby hairs for life!  Just kidding...they're coming back.)

Loving this grump.

Laughing when she's attacked by Jaja.

Begging my dad to assist when our babysitter's daughter was super sick.
They both survived and are better for it!

Taking Charliebabe in the pool for the first time.

Finishing up the school year with a bang!

Trying cheesesteaks in Philly with this dude.

Being naughty with my brother.

Taking Charliebabe to her first wedding.
She stayed up until 11 and was amazing!

Taking her to her first baseball game.

Crocheting again.

Taking Charliebabe on her first road trip.
(Spoiler alert!!  She wasn't a fan.)

Dying over those crossed ankles.
All.  The.  Time.

Forgetting to put shoes on to run errands.

Loving her even when she wakes up from a nap needing a nap.

What have you been up to?

Mrs. B


  1. That polka-dotted dress she wore to the wedding! Squee!

    1. I know! It was an awesome garage sale find! :)