Friday, August 9, 2013

High 5 for Friday 8.9.13

1.  I had the privilege of going to see Maroon 5 with two of my besties this past weekend.
I. Had. So. Much. Fun.
Handsome Husband commented that he doesn't know if he's ever seen me laugh that hard before.
We seriously had tears rolling the entire night.

2.  I have been prepping to go back to school this week so HH has been preparing dinner.
I was particularly fond of Wednesday's dinner. :)
It's such a great feeling knowing that my partner in life supports me when I am overwhelmed.
However, I'm worried that once he goes back to school as well we might starve!

3.  My room is put together!
I made a few changes and additions to it this year.
I was going to take some photos for a room tour post, but didn't get to it.
Next week!

4.  I am back in the thick of things as of this morning.
I currently have 24 new nuggets, but could easily be at 25 on Monday.
All in all it was a pretty great day.
I'll be writing about it next week...sometime...

5.  Since my corporation hasn't outlawed personal fridges yet (and because the baby needs ICE water and yogurt) I went out and picked up a new one to share with my coworker.
It's gigantic!  (As far as personal fridges go...)
I LOVE that it has a separate freezer.
I can fit a ton of ice in there!
Happy baby.

I hope you also had a great week!


 Mrs. B

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