Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Aaaaannnndddd...I'm Out!

At 3:00 this afternoon I sent my third group of second graders off into the big, bad world of summer.
It's bittersweet...emphasis on this point.

We had a pretty good year, but I'm ready for a break and to not talk about reading and math all the time.
(Although I's what I do!)

Here's a recap of what happened this week since I've been a naughty blogger and shirking my duties.

Handsome Husband and I went to a Tim McGraw concert this weekend with 6 of our friends.
We had a blast, but it was FREEZING!
Our one friend was so cold that he decided to use a sock as a mitten.

Here we are!!
I was flat-out exhausted when this picture was taken but needed a snapshot with HH!

My brother found this flashback photo last weekend.
We ended up at the same prom and decided to get a photo for mom.

I had a blast hanging with my family on Sunday.
It was a really great day.
I'm definitely blessed.

Jayders was OBSESSED with my mom's chocolate chip cookies...
as is anyone else who tries them.
Look at that face!!!!

She HATES the feeling of grass on her skin.
So, she kept trying to lift everything up.
Work those abs, girl.

I liked May's photo challenge so much that I decided to do another!

My mom totally dissed me.
I didn't want to go shopping anyway.

We had a great field day yesterday!
The kids had so much fun.
I was asleep by 7:45, though!

I realized I was naked (jewelry-wise) on the way to school.
I hate not wearing earrings.

The shelves in my classroom library decided that today was the day they would mutiny.
(And no, the big, heavy books were not on them.  They were in another cupboard on the bottom.)

I was thisclose to having my counters cleaned off until that happened.


I got this beautiful (and nose-pleasing) gift from a nugget I shall call "O".
I'm loving the monsters he drew on the pot.

Another student got me a box of chocolate.
I devoured three within 30 seconds of the box entering my hands!

However, what's the end of the year without a little bit of drama.
One of our second grade nuggets (not my class, but my teammate's) was playing soccer and, in a freak accident, came down wrong and suffered a compound fracture of his lower leg.
He was so brave and composed even though he was beyond scared and in a lot of pain.
The poor boy will be starting his summer off with surgery to have pins put in and in a cast.
He will be in my daily prayers.



Mrs. B

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