Monday, May 6, 2013

My Weekend in a Nutshell

I must say...I had a GREAT weekend!
There was a perfect mixture of relaxation and productivity.
I was more tan ready to greet my nuggets with a smile.

Handsome Husband and I chillaxed on Friday night with "The Silver Linings Playbook".
Holy guacamole.
Handsome Husband has begun taking golf lessons and is loving them.

I am super-dee-duper excited that I have managed to grow something from seeds.
This is my basil on Saturday.
There's a ton now!
**pat on the back**

The schedule of weekly runs to the farmer's market has begun.
I go at least once a week in the summer.
It's probably one of my favorite places.
Go BoSox!

I came home with some goodies.
I always feel like a real homeowner when I shop for flowers.

Aren't they pretty!
(Don't mind the butt-ugly steps...they will be painted eventually.) 

I'm infatuated with this gorgeous plant.

All of my shoes were clamoring to be worn this weekend.
I only have two feet, due time, in due time.

I celebrated Lindsay's second wedding shower at a local winery with some great gals.
Less than a month until we PARTY!

Handsome Husband headed to Chicago with some friends for a Derby party.
He had a lot of fun.
(MAN, he's cute!)
He feels pretty, oh so pretty...

To cap off a great weekend, my nuggets and I headed outside this afternoon.
We released the Painted Lady butterflies that we had been enjoying in our room.
(They emerged late last week...we're not cruel :))
Since it was such a great day, we had our afternoon read-aloud on the grass in front of the school.
I think that may happen every nice day until the end of the year.
I think the folks listening in across the street really enjoyed hearing our Junie B. Jones book.

How was your weekend?


Mrs. B

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