Monday, July 22, 2013


Two years ago I married my Mr. Right (promoting him from "Bald Beauty" (used in my phone, not on here) to "Handsome Husband").
The days have been interesting and wonderful and filled with learning about ourselves and each other.
It still gives me little tummy-tickles to call him my husband.

We have such fond memories of our day and loved that it was truly one big party.
It rained (downright POURED) during the early parts of the day and people were worried that our outdoor, Japanese garden wedding was going to become an inside-the-reception-venue affair.
I wasn't worried one bit.
It had been a SCORCHER of a July and I "told" the weather to rain for a bit to cool the day off and stop around 3:30...guess what??
It totally did.
I'm just that good I guess. :)

I love this man more and more each day.
I love seeing his face light up when he talks about our coming addition.
I love that he does the dishes after I cook.
I love that when I ask his opinion on a decoration or change for the house he says, 
"Whatever you want , babe," and means it.
I love that he lets me eat in bed even though he DESPISES it.
I love that we can be in the same room together and feel such comfort in each other's presence that we don't need to talk.
I love that we are slowly figuring out each other's strengths and weaknesses and building on them.
I love that he will eat almost anything I cook for him and give me honest feedback.
I love that he deals with bits of yarn and half-finished projects that are found all over the house.
To quote the musical Show Boat "Can't help lovin' that man of mine."

(This picture was taken right after I licked cake frosting off his beautiful bald head.  It's one of my faves!)


Mrs. B

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