Monday, July 29, 2013

The Nursery Has Begun to Become...

This whole baby thing-a-ma-jig is starting to get more real.
For one thing, I think that my belly bulge is starting to become more baby than residual I-shoulda-worked-out-more gut.
For another, I painted the room that will be the baby's nursery!

I am in LOVE with the color I picked.
I wanted to go a little outside the box with whatever was chosen.
A BIG thanks to Julie Bergdall of Red Door Design for helping me pick the color!!!
We are not finding out the gender of our child, so it had to be neutral.
However, I did not want to go with the old know...grey, yellow, green, etc.
While this color may not be neutral to some, it goes with so many more colors that even I thought.
We will be accenting with rich colors like dark grey, rich red, navy blue, yellow, and white.

Here's the before:

The grey wasn't bad or anything, I just wasn't feeling it for the nursery since I know that I want to use grey as an accent color.

This color is called Breaktime by Sherwin Williams.
It's a compromise for both Handsome Husband and me.
His favorite color is blue while mine is green.

It brightens the room and makes me want to put the whole dang nursery together now!
However, Handsome Husband and I rent our house out during Notre Dame's football season and we need this room for some revenue for a while yet.  :)

Here's the list of to-dos for this room:
paint walls
hang curtains
set up crib
sand and paint trim
find an area rug
wall art
pillows and other decorations
replace ceiling fan with one with a light
replace outlets and light switch with white ones
crochet a blanket (or five) for the room

We've got a way to go, but plenty of time!


Mrs. B

As for a little side-note...I will NEVER paint with another paint ever ever EVER again.
I have used Sherwin Williams' paint plus primer for the living room and nursery and have been blown away.
The dark wall in the living room needed two coats while the others only need ONE!!
The same thing for the nursery!!
It is quality, quality, quality.


  1. Really love the look of this room, especially love the bedpost and the little chevron blanket!

    New subscriber! Hope you are having a wonderful week!

    1. Thank you! That be is one of my favorite things. It was $7 from Salvation Army! Gotta love that place.

      Thanks for stopping by!