Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Living Room Re-do

Handsome Husband has owned the house we currently live in for 11 years or so.
This means that after many years of having a dudes-only living situation I had my work cut out for me when I moved in.
Back when we first started dating I decided that I wanted to paint SOMETHING so I decided to paint his living room.
I wanted to pick dude colors that he could live with in case the living room color lasted longer than we did.
Therefore, we ended up with this color combo...

It's not all in all a bad combo, but it wasn't working for a few reasons.
1.  The light you see is majorly enhanced by the camera flash.
The room has one window that is an outside window.
2.  I didn't know anything about paint finishes and picked a flat base instead of a satin.
The flat paint sucked all of the light from the room making it even darker.

So, I decided that it was time for a change.
I've had a few paint chips taped to the wall for a while, but just knew they weren't right.
So, I called on my mom's friend Julie of Red Door Design.  
She came to the house and helped me take what I could see in my head and put it into a paint color.
(We picked out colors for a few different things, but more on that at a later date.)

We decided on Sherwin Williams Believable Buff for the living room.
Here are the after shots:

It brightens up the room sooooo much!
I love seeing how much lighter the room is when I walk by. replace those antiquated couches!

Have you done any projects this summer?

I'm off to paint another room!

Mrs. B

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