Monday, July 30, 2012

Chilling With Commodore Perry...Don't Give Up the Ship!

After spending the weekend surrounded by fantastic friends and family Handsome Husband and I decided to book it on up to Put in Bay (an island in Lake Erie) to live the lake life for a few days.  We spent today out on the lake floating, relaxing, and avoiding the HUGE snakes that enjoy floating as well.  Seriously!!!  It had a fish hanging out of it's mouth!  Yuck-er-oni.

We saw many young-uns running around half-dressed and acting like fools...which is why I jokingly tell HH's aunt that it seems like the Jersey Shore of the Midwest.  Luckily, she and her husband have an amazing house on the west shore that exudes relaxation and calm. :)

Tomorrow HH and I plan on visiting the monument tomorrow and going to the top.  When we were here last year it was still under construction.  This island has such a fascinating history that many don't know about!  I could be sitting in Canada right now.  What an amazing way to end the summer.  I think that a trip up here during my fall break could be in order.

This place is a blast...check it out if you dare!

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