Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Today, my mom, two friends and I went to a local flea market called Shipshewana.  There were all sorts of things to be found; antiques, socks, random nothings, socks, garden creatures, and food.  Oh, and did I mention socks?  18 packs of socks.  No, I did not buy any, but it was tempting!  Just joshing ya.

I had a conversation just last night with my FIL about his EVOO holder.  He has this cool glass "jar-ish of sorts" thing with a stopper.  It is so much prettier than the plastic Meijer container the EVOO usually comes in.  Well, I found one today!  It is smaller than his, but we don't use as much in our cooking.  It has a stopper and the price couldn't be beat...$2.00!  Here is a photo of the beaut:

Isn't it soooo much cuter than the original container????!!!!!  I sure think so.

We also went to the bulk food store near there and I got some fan-TAS-tic deals!  I got flax seed meal for $1.79/lb.  I got a 1.5 lb. bag for $2.70.  The last time I bought some I spent around $4.00.  I also got a bag of steel cut oats (2.235 lb at $.69/lb) for $1.54!!!!!  When I bought this the last time I spent around $5.00!  Nice deals to be had!

I love a good deal!

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