Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thank You, Thank You, Oh Thank You!!

So, while wandering around the world that is Pinterest I discovered this pin about how to clean your grout using nothing but bleach and baking soda.  HORRIBLY, I stupidly assumed that it wouldn't work on our shower because our shower was so gross that it was uncleanable.

CRAP!!! *Palm, meet face.* It worked so well that I couldn't stop looking at it!  The difference was so drastic that I feel like I am in a new shower.  It will definitely need another coat to really get it clean in certain spots, but I feel proud to show off my "new" shower.

Now, since I don't have any before shots, I will describe it to you...VILE!  DISGUSTING!  RANCID!  NEVER COMING OFF!  My husband and I have been thinking about renting our house out for local football games and he was worried about the stains that were under the carpet that we pulled up.  THIS is what plagued my dreams of home rentership.  I thought, "There is NO way that they are going to believe that our bathroom is actually clean and no one is ever going to want to rent from us again!"

Well, here is what was formerly known as "The Corner".
It may not look like new, but it looks 100,000 times better than it did before.
Don't mind the spot where the paint on the ancient tub has come off...focus on the tile!  The grout in that corner used to be black and spreading!  I guess that is what happens when dudes live in the house for 9 years before a girl swooped in to the rescue!

I'm simply excited that our shower now looks clean to the causal observer!

Recipe I used:  3/4 cup baking soda
                        1/4 cup bleach
                        the original blog post suggested using a toothbrush to scrub and put the paste on...I started out using the toothbrush but after the third batch was made I began using my hand to smear it all over the place.  Let sit for 10-20 minutes (you can probably go shorter, but my shower was forming its own habitat) and scrub/rinse it off.  I ended up making 5 batches because ours was in need of some serious rehab.


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