Friday, April 5, 2013

High Five for Friday! 4.5.13

I have had a FANTABULOUS week here in LA.
I am not looking forward to heading back to Indiana tonight.
Temperature-wise it doesn't look too bad, but I'm going to miss the sun.
I guess I'm also going to have to stash my flip-flops away again for a little while. :(

Here are my top 5!

Handsome Husband and I made it through flying without killing each other.
Our flights out had some drama attached to them, but it ended up just fine.

We went to Universal Studios on Monday.
I love the Jaws movies and I thought this photo was pretty funny.
The rides were great! 

I've loved hanging out with this family this week.
It's too bad that they are all the way out here.
Looks like we will need to start saving our money for another trip!

HH and I hung out at Newport Beach yesterday.
I definitely got some sun.
We laid out in the sun for a bit and then went on an EXTREMELY uneventful whale-watching ride.
Oh well...what can you do?
Being on the water was nice and relaxing, though!

We went to a Dodgers game on Tuesday.
Dodgers stadium is my 8th ball park.
HH and I have a wish to get to them all at some point.

How was your week?
Great as well I hope!
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We fly back tonight so that we can get back to the real world on Monday.


Mrs. B

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  1. I've definitely been on some uneventful whale watching trips when I was younger. Normally though if you see absolutely nothing, not even a dolphin, they'll give you a voucher for a free trip. Although that doesn't quite work if you're just visiting.

    1. Yeah. We got some vouchers but it was our second to last day of the trip. So, we gave them to our cousins to use since they live out there.

      Thanks for stopping by!