Monday, April 22, 2013

Ring Pillow

So, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
I have been working on my friends' (Lindsay and Nate) ring bearer pillow for their wedding in June.
I was so stinking nervous.
It's their wedding day!
That's huge!
It had to be perfect.

I started it as soon as Handsome Husband and I got home from LA.
This was the skinniest yarn I've ever worked with.
It is a gorgeous cream color with a bit of sheen worked in.
It's called Seduce by Berroco.

My original plan was to use an ivory towel (it gave the under layer a great texture) but I felt that the color took away from the yarn.
This picture shows the 5th attempt...which I hated and promptly ripped out.
Cue 3 more tries. :)
(I'm a bit of a perfectionist.)

I did the first few tries in a half-double stitch, but changed to a double stitch to get better texture.
And heck yes I used a TP roll...I couldn't get the stinking yarn to stay balled up.
This worked PERFECTLY!

The end was in sight last Monday night.
Thank heavens two of my shows are on on Monday gave me plenty of work time.

I used a petal pink towel with stuffing for the innards of the pillow.

I then sewed the crocheting around the innards.
It was so exciting to get to this point!

The finished product!
The ribbon is a pink-edged ivory silk that was left over from their invitations.
It's hard to see the pink, but I'm sure that their photographer will get some great pictures I can share!
This was a thank-goodness-it's-cute-10:30-at-night photo.

Here it is Instagrammified.

They both loved it which made me breathe a sigh of relief.
I was so honored to be asked to do this for them.

Now...back to the granny square afghan!
And this hat for Jayders Potaters;
Picture via


Mrs. B

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