Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Social: Pinterest Edition

You know, I this year spring break feels like such a tease.
Is it summer yet????
Sunday Social

I just want to lounge in the sun like I did last Thursday.

This Week's Questions:  All About Pinterest

1.  What is your favorite fashion pin?

I love the simplicity of the outfit with the pop of yellow in the blazer.
I wear a lot of black, so this is right up my alley.

Pin from here

2.  What is your favorite food pin?

I think that this could be on the menu this week.
I would add some shredded chicken to up the protein factor.
Pin from here

3.  What is your favorite wedding pin?

Well, I got married before I knew about the wonderful world of Pinterest, but I am in my friend Lindsay's wedding and love to stalk browse her "I Do" board.

I use Instagram all. the. time.
So, I love the idea of having a guest hashtag so that you can see the pictures the guests are taking at the wedding.
Pin from here

4.  What is your favorite DIY/craft pin?

I desperately want to make these baskets for myself...
I can't read the website, but I think I can figure it out.
Pin from here

5.  What is your favorite quote/verse/lyric pin?

I love watching Criminal Minds and Dr. Spencer Reid is my favorite character.
Pin from here

6.  Share one more random pin you love.

I am in love with this cut and style right now...
Must. Try. It. Out.
Pin from here

Next Week's Questions:  All About Twitter

1.  When did you join Twitter?
2.  Who is your favorite non-celeb to follow?
3.  Who is your favorite celeb to follow?
4.  Have you ever had a celeb repond to a tweet?
5.  What is your favorite store/brand to follow?
6.  Give us three tweeps we should be following?

Have a great week!


Mrs. B


  1. Hi, you have an interesting blog too! :) followed you back dear!

    1. Thank you! Have a great week!