Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Anticipation and Funnies

So, I have this wonderful, amazing, stupendous, tremendous friend.  Her name is Lindsay.
She has been with her love for a while (7, almost 8 years!) and they got engaged last year!
(There was plenty of shrieking on my end:)  I felt it was only appropriate!)

I loved looking at her Pinterest finds and liking them and commenting on them.  If only I had been aware of Pinterest when I got married...oh, hindsight, you booger you.


I got this gem of a card in June...
(I'm the one on the right :))

...and this was the message inside.

I was pretty psyched!  Some people may say that they hate being in other people's weddings, but I happen to love it!  I've only been in a couple others, but I find it amazing to be a part of someone's support system on their special day.

Welp, I got this fancy schmancy card in the mail today...
I'm so excited!!!
And the card is so pretty :) 
SOOOO Lindsay!

I can't wait!

As for the funnies...

There has been an...eruption of sorts on our playground...
The liner under the dirt is popping through.

Well, that stopped one little girl in her tracks.  (Background:  She's VERY literal and likes things to be cut and dry.)
One of the teachers on the second grade team encouraged her to walk around it instead of letting it stop her.

So she walked around...

and around...

and around!

She walked around the plastic eruption until the same teacher told her that she meant for her to walk around it once to get where she was going.

The student was such a good sport.  She smiled and moved on.

I got a little giggle out of that.

Tomorrow is parent/teacher conferences, so I will most likely be MIA.  Have a great day!


Mrs. B

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