Monday, October 22, 2012

DIY Pearl Wreath

Last week was my Fall Break for school.  It was a new experience to have a whole week off instead of a couple of days.  Handsome Husband and I went away for the weekend and I made it (barely) one day without having a project.

As I stated in this post I broke my painting promise to myself.  I also spent some time on Pinterest...oh, Pinterest, you saucy minx!  You sucked me in!

I have seen this picture floating around on Pinterest and thought, I can totally do this.

It came with basic instructions: foam wreath, wrap ribbon around it, glue pearls to it, hang, voila!  That didn't seem so difficult, so the craft commenced.

Here's what I THOUGHT I needed...
 What I ACTUALLY needed was:
4 rolls of 1 1/2" wired white ribbon
**A bajillion strands of white craft pearls from Michaels ranging from small to large to give it some depth
A hot glue gun and glue sticks (I used around 25 or so!)
A styrofoam wreath
(All supplies USED are from Michaels)

**(I wiped out the store near me and had to go to Hobby Lobby to make sure that I had enough...Hobby Lobby was wwwwaaaaayyyyyy more expensive and I'm happy to say that I didn't have to touch any of the strands from there so I can return them all)  DEFINITELY go to Michaels.  Better prices and you need a bunch!  I completely underestimated how many pearls I would need and it turned out to be a lot more that what I thought.  

1.  Wrap the ribbon around the wreath securing every-so-often with glue.

2.  Once you have wrapped the ribbon around the wreath start gluing the pearls on.  I started with some of the big ones and then filled in around them.

More gluing.

More you can see, I thought I would only need one roll of ribbon (face palm!) but I couldn't wait until the next day to begin gluing the pearls on!  
More gluing.

3.  Wrap any extra ribbon around the wreath a few times to make it hang-able.  I wrapped mine a few times and secured with glue.  I think it would look great with some silver ribbon, too!

In our doorway.


I loved this project because it was pretty mindless (although, make sure that you have a good grip on the pearls because if they get away from you they burn, little buggers!  I have the blisters to prove it!) and allowed me to get caught up on my shows and watch some movies while on break.

Handsome Husband actually noticed it!

I hope to make some more wreaths this season...I'll post them as soon as they're done!

Did you do any crafting this weekend??


Mrs. B


  1. Wow, the end result is so gorgeous!! I love this kind of repetitive project. There's something so satisfying about sitting down for a few hours and crafting something so pretty :).

    1. I loved the repetitiveness of it. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I appreciate being able to find this! I have taken on this project as well, for Christmas and so far it's kicking my behind! I also sorely underestimated how many pearls I would need. I also only bought 1 roll of white ribbon. I found some pearl garland that I had intended to wrap around and then fill in. I only bought 1 roll of that too. Ha! Then I took the whole thing apart and tried something else, but I really want the pearls. Looks like I go back to trying!

    1. I hope you stick with it! I love mine. Make sure that the hook or hangar you use can withstand the weight, though! Mine tumbled at one point...gah!

      Have a great Christmas season!