Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Faux Headboard

So, I have been slowly making the house that Handsome Husband bought just out of college a little more home-y since moving in last year.

Oh, heck...who am I kidding??  
I've been working on this thing since the moment we started dating. :)

I love that man to death, but he has NO VISION.  

His idea of decorating is framed posters (think Caddyshack, Rudy, Notre Dame posters, etc.), baseball bats, and a lamp made from a football helmet.  Seriously.

I have painted the living room, dining room (twice!), kitchen (everything but the countertops), downstairs bathroom, downstairs guest room, sunporch, master bedroom, upstairs guest room, and upstairs bathroom (twice!).

I frustrate the stink out of him whenever I come home with something new from TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Salvation Army, Goodwill, Target, etc.  

Hey, a visionary's job is never done.  It's ever evolving and improving.

So, after mom and I painted the master bedroom and ripped up the ugly disgusting dirty old gray carpet I got working.  I bought some pretty lamps from TJ Maxx, put up some curtains and then realized that the wall over the bed was huge and blank and boring.
My pretty TJ Maxx lamp(s) :)

See, it's boring, right??!!  (This picture was taken before mom helped me put the curtains up...gotta love a handy momma!)
So, I had the brilliant idea to get some picture frames and put those up above the bed to fake a headboard and fill some space.

I bought 3 frames from Target matted to fit an 8x10 photo.  I think it is a 16x20 frame.

What you'll need: scrapbooking paper in your choice of color, scrapbooking vinyl overlay (both bought at Michael's) and a frame.

I took out the frame's guts and replaced them with the overlay.  I was concerned at first because I couldn't get the sticker completely off the first one I did, but realized it didn't matter since it was so much bigger than the cutout. 
Then, I put the paper in behind the overlay. 

Ta-da!  (Sorry for the fuzzy photo.)

Here is the finished product!  I chose three different shades of the same color to give the "headboard" some depth.

Here they are the very second I got done...notice the hammer in the middle of the bed.

Here is the finished product with a freshly made bed.  I have been meaning to take a picture of these stinking things for about 3 weeks, but haven't had the bed in the right state to get a great picture!  The only reason I did this time is because we rented our house out and I had to make the bed up pretty for the renters.
I actually meant to have a bit more space between the frames so that they spanned the width of the bed a bit better, but I was scrambling to get these up before we rented our house the first time and didn't feel like doing it again.

One thing that I LOVE about having frames over my bed is that they are wicked easy to change out.  All I have to do is pick out new paper and voila!  A new look!  

Handsome Husband loves them because they are in a shade of blue (his fave) when I usually pick green things (my fave).

Pretty, if I may say so myself.  AND the frames are easy to repurpose if I ever get a "real" headboard. 


Mrs. B 

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