Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yay! Clean Corner!

I had a T.E.R.R.I.F.I.C. weekend!  You saw my purchases from the weekend yesterday, but I also tackled something at home that was LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG overdue.  

My mother-in-law knows that I love to read and is the person who fuels my gossip rag addiction with US Weekly every year.  She is also the queen of magazine subscriptions.  In turn, she passes them on to me whenever Handsome Husband and I come to visit.

Welp...I had developed a bit of an...overflow, I guess you'd say.  I have been taking them from her but haven't been reading them so they just kept piling up.  

And piling up.  

And piling up.

Until I needed to purge.  

I got rid of all of these:

And still had all of the ones below in the corner...

I HAVE to keep the Better Homes and Gardens...ideas, ya know??

I feel so much better about that corner now (even though, since I took these pictures we have gone to my in-laws to eat and I have recieved MORE!!!)

Oh well...I'll purge again in a couple months. :)


Mrs. B

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