Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Casting the Ballot

As part of our (non-existent) social studies curriculum we discussed the election that was going on.  I just had to let you know in case you didn't know that we were having one. :)

My students were very interested and were THRILLED when I told them that they were going to get to vote this year.

We discussed where you vote (polling place, booth), what you vote on (ballot), and when you vote (November 6).

I set up dividers on the counter as their booths, printed slips of paper as their ballots and got them wicked cute cookies from a local bakery that stood in for their "I voted" sticker (which my polling place DIDN'T HAND OUT!!!!!...I was bummed.).

Here are a couple pictures from our day:
They had a blast.
Barack Obama won by a landslide.
 Did you get out and vote today??


Mrs. B

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