Friday, November 30, 2012

High Five for Friday!

I don't know about you, but I'm sure hap-hap-happy that the weekend is here!
T-minus three weeks until I am on Christmas Break!
Wa-hoo! Since you can't see my I'll describe the dance I'm doing in computer characters:
( / ) ( | ) ( \ ) ( / ) ( | ) ( \ )
Yeah...that's some tushie-wagging.  There's some arm-waving too, but the tushie wagging is sooooo much more fun to type!

So, my class worked on idioms this week.  Of course SOMEONE had to point out that it almost sounded like idiot.  *Facepalm*
We read the book "Even More Parts" by Tedd Arnold and made a list of idioms and what they really mean.
They then had to draw a picture of what it sounds like it means and what it really means.
This is a photo that one of my nuggets drew:  (Her idiom was "butterflies in my stomach")
I'd be nervous, too!  Hahaha.

I'm now dark brown and way shorter.  Love it!  Now I feel like me.

Hooray for yummy fish!  I was pleasantly surprised that the frozen fish from Kroger tasted so good!

I went back to my high school tonight to help my dad entertain during the annual Holy Walk.
 Left photo: I forgot about the green tile in the bathroom.
Right photo: The group that sang after us.

Left photo: My pops.
Right photo: A friend of my dads donated a box of a local delicacy; Leman's Mints...yum!!

 Left photo: A closeup.
Right photo: My dad's costume changes.

 Left photo: People heard they could come get some mints.
Right photo: This photo was taken about 5 minutes after the other picture of the box!

Last, but not least; Handsome Husband and I are running in a 6K tomorrow morning with our friends John and April.  John and Handsome Husband are going to be done in no time and April and I are going to trudge along together while listening to our tunage.  Yeah buddy!

One of the things I love about running in races is getting the goody bag:
Can't wait!

How was your week??



Mrs. B

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