Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Terrific Tuesday!

Other than my nuggets being a bit zombie-ish, today was a great day!
They are a bit too calm right now.
I know, I know...that's going to come back to bite my butt.

Last week we took the unit test for Journeys Unit 2.
Look at the growth from our little nuggets!!
This data is from the phonics portion only, but we test on everything.
These are the percentages for the whole grade.
::Created by Michael Wagner::
This is just amazing.  
We don't read these tests to them.  Our nuggets do it all.
What a great snapshot to have in my brain (and it theirs!).

Another funny bit came from one of my nuggets today:
I have been wearing reading glasses around the classroom to check the strength (per my eye doctor) and my nuggets have been enamored.

One such nugget came up to me today and said, "You look vewy cute in your gwasses, Mrs. Bodnar!"
I said, "Thank you."
He then proceeded to ask, "So, do I still need to miss 5 minutes of music??"
Hahahahahaha!!!  They learn so quickly don't they??

I can't wait to tell you all about the writing that they have been doing lately!
Those nuggets are going to go to third grade writing like hook or by crook!

I hope you had a great day, too!!


Mrs. B

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