Friday, November 16, 2012

HIgh 5 for Friday!

T.G.I.F, man.  
For serious!  It has been the longest week ever...
I didn't even know what yesterday was.  I couldn't have told you for the life of me.

But, today marks the start of a new weekend and (hopefully!!) some relaxation. 

Here's the rundown of my week and weekend...

1)  Andrea's coming to town!!  We (her husband, her gorgeous self, her cute daughter,  Handsome Husband and I) are going tailgating tomorrow at Notre Dame.  It was fate that she caught the bouquet.  I love this photo of us at my wedding.

2)  What am I teaching those kids???  I laughed V.E.R.Y. hard when I saw this. (and immediately said, "This is going on my blog.")

3) Handsome Husband and I went to see Lewis Black last night.  He was great!  We were sssssooooo tired, though!  I didn't know if I would make it through.  Dang you, 4:45 am.

4)  This is Bobbie...she is my in-laws dog.  She is one of my in-laws dogs.  My in-laws went to South Africa (to visit my SIL, who is in the graduate program at Notre Dame) and Europe for 2 weeks.  Apparently Bobbie was PISSED...she crapped all over the upstairs while they were gone...and it get's worse.  My in-laws got home late last night.  My MIL got into bed and Bobbie jumped up.  Then my FIL walked into the room.  She looked at him and then PEED all over the bed!!!!!!  Talk about holding a grudge! 

5)  I love playing with my new camera.  I'm still not sure if I'm keeping this one.  (I've been doing research.)  My student's have loved seeing me with it at recess because I seem to get great photos of them!  I am also loving the website my friend turned me on to (Pixlr)
I am slightly very disappointed with our wedding photos.  I hate to even look at them.  My mom and I (we did the research) thought that we were getting artsy, unusual photos.  That wasn't what happened.  Since I now own the rights to them I am going to fiddle with them on Pixlr to see if I can make them what I wanted.  Now, I'm excited to put my mom's and MIL's albums together.  

I hope you have a great weekend!!  I know I'll try to!



Mrs. B


  1. Hi, I love reading your blog and nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my page for details :)

    1. How awesome! Thanks so much. I'll get cracking on that right away. Thaks for thinking of me!