Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Working on Something Wicked Cool!!

I got a pretty cool message today...I'm currently working on the post to go with it.
I'm beyond honored and excited!
I never thought that having less than 200 followers would be something that excited me! 
Check back soon...!!

On that note...
I took this picture yesterday at school.  The days before a break are always the hardest.

Our little nuggets have been working their tushies off on our Unit 2 tests the past two days.
They are great...really!

These little flip-flopped shoes made me laugh out loud at lunch.  
We spend so much time cramming things into those little brains that some things get lost in the shuffle.
I wonder how many others there are!


Mrs. B


  1. Nothing like an amazing pair of RED shoes!! That little girl has a very bright future... thanks for sharing Jordan. Love ya. xoxo

    1. Thanks Aunt Sarah! We miss you guys.