Monday, December 3, 2012

St. Nick Six

So, on Saturday, Handsome Husband and I decided to partake in a little race called the St. Nick Six
It is a race put on by Handsome Husband's elementary alma mater.

Our friends April and John decided to come out and trot along with us as well. 
The gang :)

Different angle

I was kind and removed the picture of John that was here. 
It would make a GREAT meme.

John and April
 April came out and ran (and beat me!) even though she felt horrible.
Handsome Husband and I.
My hair looks wicked funny here.
Probably because I woke up 45 minutes before this picture was taken and just fluffed it a bit.

Great fire truck!


We enjoyed a post-race beverage and meal at Brothers Bar & Grill.
John and I had the Fried Egg Incredible sandwich.
It was breakfast but in sandwich form.
2 fried eggs, bacon, and American cheese on Texas Toast.

I was more than an little excited to see that they serve a real-people-sized cup-o-joe.
It hit the spot!

Handsome Husband thought it was funny that his shadow had a beard, too.
He teaches second grade and is easily amused. :)

Here are some highlights from the race (my point of view):

I started off the race trying to keep pace with April.  She kept trying to tell me just how slow she was.  Slow my big ol' butt!  She left me in her dust after about 2 minutes.
I will use the (tired old) excuse that I had surgery on my legs last year and still don't have my strength back, but I think I just need to get off my butt.  I ran most of the way but had to walk a bit to stretch my legs.  Whatevs.
I finally found my stride at the 2 1/4 mile mark.  Yeah, we were running a 6K which is about 3 3/4 miles.  Oy.  It took a while but I managed to get to the point where my body said, "Hey!  I remember this.  It's not so bad!"  (Ask me how my body feels today.)
I felt like laughing and crying at the same time when a mother pushing a three year old who probably weighed a good 30-40 pounds in a stroller passed me.  Dang nab it.  Run, chunky butt, run!
I did laugh a bit at the end, though.  I was listening to Pandora on my phone (the Maroon 5 station) when a catchy little tune came on.  I realized it was "Loser" by Beck as I was coming up to the finish line.  Really?????  What is that junk?  It made me giggle, though, so it was worth it.
Toward the end of the race I kept checking for the bike that follows the last racer to make sure it wasn't me!!

It wasn't, but I have quite the pulled foot muscle as a reminder.  I was even going to try my hand at running tonight until I realized that I can barely walk.  Bummer.  There's always tomorrow!

How did your weekends go??


Mrs. B

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