Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I'm Loving It!

Oh my heart!!  Happy Wednesday before Christmas Break!!

I'm teaming up with Jamie at this kind of love for What I'm Loving Wednesday.

I can't believe that an entire semester with my nuggets has flown by already.
Watching them grow and learn new things has been amazing.
The most mind-blowing thing is that I TAUGHT THEM A LOT OF THESE THINGS!!
This is my fourth year of teaching and that fact still knocks my mis-matched socks off.
Losing a tooth (when you're little!) is always worth a celebration.

Oh. My. Heart.  I always ask them how they can make themselves successful...I guess this is what they think it is spelled like!

I am loving my new ornaments.
We have an ornament exchange at school instead of a Secret Santa and this is what I got:

Handsome Husband thought it was a cool gift...until I put it on the tree.
Then, he said, "That's not fair...I wanna go get my White Sox ornaments."
(I purposely gave him his own tree for those!  Maybe the argument that I'm in mourning since Youk got traded to the YANKEES (how gross) will soften him up a bit.)

My teammate Laura got me this one as well:

I'm loving the new spices that my brother and SIL got Handsome Husband and I me for Christmas this year.  (Handsome Husband doesn't cook they're mine!)
They are from Gourmet Nut (couldn't find a website) and I am wicked excited to use the Cup of Coffee steak rub.
I just got into cooking about 4 years ago and discovered that I could do it well 2 years ago.  It was UGLY (and smokey!) before that!

I'm also loving the fact that I'm starting a new Pinterest project!
Sorry, babe...I was hit with the notion when I couldn't sleep last night!

I was also hit with the urge to repaint the living room.
It is lit by one light and one window and is very dark. 
The first time I painted it, Handsome Husband and I weren't talking marriage so I painted it for a dude.  
I like the colors, but I really want something fresh and clean.
Here we go.
Sorry again, babe.

What have you been loving this week??


Mrs. B

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