Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cancellation Season Sadness

I have a confession to make:
Like, DVD-buying, TV-movie-special-watching, Handsome-Husband-coercing, repeat-repeat-repeat-veiwing love.
I love the fact that I can go to a store, throw one of them under something else and make it out of the store with only the cashier judging me.

TV is another story.
Apparently, I love horrible TV as well.
My track record for the past two years proves it.
See, the thing about a bad movie is that it will still get made, you can get your hands on it and you can watch it until you wear it out.

TV just doesn't work that way.
If there aren't enough people who like it, it gets cancelled.
Yeah...a lot of my shows get cancelled.

Last year, I was WICKED excited to see that there was a Bones spinoff and a Criminal Minds spinoff.
I NEVER miss those two shows, so I was excited to get to watch more.

The Finder was about an eccentric man who was obsessed with finding things.
The lead actor (Geoff Stults) is easy on the eyes, too.
No one knew it would be, but it was also one of the last things that Michael Clarke Duncan worked on.  Love him.

I loved watching this show simply because I love a good mystery.
I enjoy watching a case come together.
And, yet again:

I really liked the premise of this show, no matter how far fetched it was.  
It may have been funky, but the show kept me hanging on each week.
It knew how to do suspense.
And then:


I for sure thought that this year would be better.  So, I began watching two new shows.

Kind of creepy, a little eye candy, some good twists, a good cast.
I didn't watch it at the start of the season, but got into it on HULU.
It was a bit demonic, but the mysteries were pretty good.

I started watching this show because I really like Meryl Streep and it stars her could I go wrong?
Apparently, I could go very wrong.
I liked listening to her have conversations with herself in her head (since I do that every-so-often as well) and...eye candy...need I say more?
So, it was to be expected:

Dudes, for serious.
I was a good girl this year, Santa, I swear!
Thank goodness I have my old standbys.
I wonder if this "streak" will continue next year...I hope not!

Have any of your shows been cancelled????


Mrs. B

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