Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Vacation Partaaaayyyy

This weekend was the annual screening of National Lampoon's: Christmas Vacation at my parent's house.  Here are some photos from the evening:

Wes and John.  I was playing with my new camera, but John always seems to be on the lookout.
This is his "Blue Steel" look.

Meghan and Baby Jayde.  Happy early birthday (tomorrow!!  12-12-12!) to Meghan!

Don'tcha just wanna smooch on those cheeks??
(I mean Baby Jayde, you goober.)

Goodness gracious!  I love that little one...and the dude in the background.  (That's my pops)

April was hiding from me every time I whipped the camera out.

My mom's nativity.  Cuh-ute!

My folks talking about Handsome Husband's outfit.  

They're cute, huh?  
My mom dressed as Ellen and my dad as Clark Griswold.

And Handsome Husband dressed like Cousin Eddie.

Dickie and all.


Handsome Husband bought dad a moose mug for the occasion!

Yeah, pops!

Baby Jayde slept for a while with "Santa".
(No joke!  Dude's Santa!  I even went to lunch with him last week!  As evidenced below.)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!
I am excited for my D-M family Christmas this coming weekend and a kinda-sorta-not-really 10-year reunion at the local pizza joint on Saturday.


Mrs. B

P. S. The Faux Turtles were a hit at school today! I got a few "Oh My Goodness!" emails.  It gave me the warm-fuzzies.

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