Thursday, December 27, 2012

Time Off

I am apparently taking this vacation thing a bit too seriously.
I've done a whole lot of nothing.
I've done a little bit of something.

I've done a puzzle with Handsome Husband;

(HH told me that I do it incorrectly because I put the edge pieces together and then dump out the rest so I can see everything.  Had him all in a tizzy.)

I got Handsome Husband to cook with me on Christmas Eve day.
That has happened maybe once in the (almost) 4 years we've been together. 

I scored a Mickey Mouse pancake.

We had Christmas at my in-laws on Christmas Day.
I got some great cooking items!

I got my "new" "Happy Hollister" books onto a shelf in the living room.
I would love to own them all one day.
I grew up reading and re-reading the three that my mom had and now I have some of my own!

A place of honor :)

I drove through the horrid weather we had yesterday to hang with this little nugget.
She is getting SO BIG!!
I even had her laughing.
What an amazing sound.
(She was totally judging my boy-short-hair-crammed-under-a-baseball-cap-lazy-day-getup in this picture.  Diva in training.)

I've been spending WWAAAAYYYYY too much time on Pinterest as well.
I have seen this pin about a million times, but my tastebuds were screaming at me to pin it today.
Of course, Handsome Husband and I went to lunch with friends and are still stuffed, so it's not happening tonight.
However, I think it will make the most perfect post-gym lunch tomorrow with some baked garlic chicken and grilled peppers!

I received some coconut oil from mi madre for Christmas as well.
I have never had any but keep reading about the different things you can do with it.
Here are some of the sites I've been browsing:

I'm thinking that a coating of this in my hair might be called for in the near future since it always get super dry in the winter.  
I'm talking unmanageable-straw-like-ridiculously-annoying-can't-seem-to-get-it-right dry.
Have you used coconut oil?
What have you tried?

I've also picked out the new paint color for the living room that (I swear!!) I'm going to get on the walls by the time this break is least I hope so.

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and got to spend some quality time with you family and loved ones.


Mrs. B

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