Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Baked Eggs (AKA School-week Breakfast Heaven!!)

While brainstorming some easy breakfast ideas for the year with my mom, she told me about baked eggs.  At first I thought she meant the baked version of a hard-boiled egg cooked in the oven.  I was wrong!!!  She showed me this pin from Pinterest.

The original pin uses the cooked eggs to make breakfast sandwiches.  I have simply been reheating them in the microwave and eating them with my hands in the car.  They are DELICIOUS!!!!! I love eating eggs in the morning, but I don't want to have to wake up 15 minutes earlier in order to cook them. I have tried microwaved eggs, but these are waaaayyyyy easier.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

First, spray a muffin tin with cooking spray.  Then, line each thingamajigger (what the heck do you call those things???!!!) with your veggie of choice.  I chose spinach because it was easy, but I think peppers would be awesome in it too.

Then, add an egg to each one.  I broke each yolk with a fork to make sure that things were spread around.  The spinach floated to the surface a few times, but I just tucked it back under with my fork.

All my eggs broken.  After that, season the eggs.  I just put salt and pepper in mine.

Put the tin in the oven (which should be 350 degrees) for 15 minutes.  (I used jumbo eggs so I needed to keep them in around 17 minutes to make sure that they were cooked through.)

Look, Ma!!!  Easy clean-up!  They popped right out.

I took them out right away and set them on the cutting board so they would stop cooking.  If you don't they could end up really dry.  YUCK! 

I bagged them up in pairs to make for an easy grab and go meal.  I have been throwing them in my lunchbox at home and heating them at school.  

These taste great!  It took 20 minutes from start to finish and 15 of those you don't even have to be there for!  How stellar is that???

Let me know if you try them!!


Mrs. B

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  1. Thanks...I am making these today. I am trying to get more organized and this strategy will help! I am looking for some good lunch ideas, too....