Thursday, August 16, 2012

Post-It Plan Book!

I saw this post on...wait, what's the name of that site...?...OH YEAH!  Pinterest!!!!  It's been so long since I've been able to get on there and browse since school has started that I forgot!  (Yeah right...I didn't forget...I think about it daily, but I need sleep more at this point in order to survive!)

I have struggled the last two years to find a planner that truly worked for me.  The first year I used a normal plan book (a mass-produced, pre-separated thingamajigger) and last year I created a Word document that I customized to fit me.

I found that there were sections that I never wrote in and others that I needed to be much bigger.  The three main sections that I needed were reading block, math, and miscellaneous.  Only 3!!!!  Why in the world I ever had at least 10 for each day, I'll never know.

My school corporation has said that no matter what, we need to have 40 minutes of science, 4 days a week for the 1st and 3rd quarters this year.  My team decided that instead of doing a bunch of things half-way that we would split grammar/spelling, writing and science up between the three of us.  I got writing!!  I'm super psyched!!

Because of that shift, I now only NEED to write down information about 3 THINGS!!!!!!  How stinkin perfect is that??!!

Here is what you need:

  • a spiral-bound notebook (she suggested a vinyl cover because they last longer...I agree!)
  • Post-it notes (I picked up 3 packs at Target during a back-to-school sale)
  • marker (Crayola or permanent)
  • ruler
  • scissors
Here are some photos from my adventure...yeah...I called it that.  I am a bit dorky when it comes to crafty things.

Here it is!!!  Isn't it beautiful?

I laid the Post-it notes out on the page to get an idea of how much space I needed.

I had to bite the bullet and make Friday smaller...I can deal :).    The purple is the "Targets" column.  Blue is reading block, pink is math and green is writing/miscellaneous.  Man!!!  That's sexy!!

Here is this week in the works.  I bought some funky shaped Post-it notes to show changes or notes that I actually had to notice (I don't notice things sometimes...hey...are you perfect????).  I find it easier to read everything and plan for the week this way.

The original poster shared her "Daily Schedule" page.  I did not because we are only 1 week into the school year.  Plus, Monday is the only different day.   Tuesday through Thursday are the exact same and I don't know when my students are going to be pulled out for speech or other interventions yet.

I had a sickeningly fun time making this thing.  For serious.  Writing in it still appeals to me at this point...5 whole days into the school year.

I'll update this post once I get more of this year under my belt and mess it up a bit more! :)


Mrs. B

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