Thursday, August 23, 2012

Brain Breaks and Booty Boogies (NOT What You Think...Gross!!)

So, I am almost through my second full week of teaching for the year.  It is F.L.Y.I.N.G. by.  My school corporation adopted a new core reading program this year called Journeys.  It's definitely been a journey so far.

The curriculum is great, but lengthy.  I'm not quite sure at this point how I'm going to EVER get through all the whole group stuff in one day so that I can get to the small groups!  However, it is really showing where our students have gaps and filling them.  I have spent the last two years asking, "How the heck am I going to teach this skill?????!!!!!!!!"  I know that some people think that core reading programs (the "B" word) are evil, but I think this could be a great thing for my nuggets.

That being said, our day is WICKED full.  And by wicked I mean they get breaks during "passing periods".'s like high school with 7 year olds.  WHOA!  Their poor little brains are going into meltdown mode over there!  So, to get us through the day, I have begun using YouTube videos as brain breaks throughout the day.

My nuggets LOVE THEM!  They are begging for more and get their tushies in gear when they know one is coming.  They listened to one today while they were getting their homework packed up and moved twice as fast because they knew they had to be done before it was over.  NICE!  I also used one today to line up.  I let them listen to the first two verses and then had them silently dance to their spot in line.  They were sssssssoooooooo quiet.  BOOYA!

BTW...a bootie boogie is where they can dance (boogie) but they have to stay in their chairs (booty).

Here are the ones I have used so far:

"What I Am" by and the Sesame Street characters
This one is hilarious because there is a part when the drums pick up and all my kids like to break into drum solos.  Love it!  This one will totally get stuck in your head!

"Don't Give Up" by Bruno Mars and the Sesame Street characters

"Haven't Got a Pet Yet" by Recess Monkey
I love these guys!  This one will get stuck in your head, too!!

"Jet Pack" by Recess Monkey

Have fun singing!!!


Mrs. B

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